Images of V-rings og Gamma rings

Our range of V-rings is extensive and can be delivered in several different materials. These V-rings are typically employed as pressureless seals with the purpose of preventing entry of dirt, water, oil or dust from the surrounding environment.

We stock the V-ring type A, S, L and E in the following constructions and sizes:

  • Type A for shafts up to 2020 mm
  • Type S for shafts up to 200 mm
  • Type L is selected for labyrinth seal and small constructions.
  • Type E is of a stiff configuration with a reinforced profile. This type is employed with larger shaft tolerances and can be supplied to shaft from 250 to 2010 mm.

In addition several gamma-rings reinforced metalcasing can be provided in several sizes and materials.

For more information see our catalogue.


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