Images of Radial Lip seals

Seals for rotary equipment suited for pressure and vacuum. Also suitable for applications with direct contact with foodstuff.

VR Radial lipseals are custom seals for rotating shafts suited for applications with pressure or vacuum. The lipseals are constructed with a preloaded membrane and does therefore not contain any coil springs. This design results in a sealing profile with very low friction compared to traditional spring energized lipseals. This ensures long service life for the seal itself and hinders scoring of the shaft. Furthermore VR Radial lipseals can handle rotational speeds up to 40 m/s and up to 15 bar pressure.

VR Radial lipseals is available in a broad range of food approved materials with certificates according to EC 1935:2004 and FDA CFR 21§177.2600. As no coil spring is used to activate the sealing lip in VR seals, the hygienic and cleaning related issues experienced with contact between foodstuff and coil springs are avoided. This makes VR seals one of the few applicable types of rotary seals for equipment used for direct food contact.

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