Images of Milled parts (PTFE, PEEK etc.)

Dynamic and static sealing solutions are provided in PTFE for applications with high demands regarding chemical resistance and long service life. We offer standard as well as custom engineered solutions according to production drawings.

Solutions are provided in suitable PTFE compounds with appropriate filler depending on the individual application. Our own production capabilities ensures an adaptable delivery of prototypes as well as larger series.

Typical PTFE solutions from A/S Gunnar Haagensen include:

  • PTFE Piston seals
  • PTFE Rod seals
  • PTFE Wipers
  • PTFE Hydraulic seals
  • PTFE Rotatory seals
  • PTFE O-rings
  • PTFE Guide rings

For more information, see our leaflet and catalogue regarding our product portfolio and custom production of PTFE solutions.