Images of industrial fittings

We currently stock a broad range of industrial fittings and machine elements from several suppliers at home and abroad.

In this regard we stock the following items:

Locking rings

  • DIN-471 (Ordinary and stainless)
  • DIN-472 (Ordinary and stainless)
  • DIN-6799 (Ordinary and stainless)

Washers – DIN-7603

  • Cobber washer
  • Fibre washer
  • Aluminium washer


  • Anglejoints
  • Galvanized bolts
  • Galvanized Duo-clip
  • Galvanized ES-bolts
  • Galvanized Fork Heads
  • Galvanized KL-Safeguard
  • Galvanized klemfjedre
  • Galvanized SL-Safeguards

Plate Springs

Shims – DIN-988


  • Galvanized steel part with lip in NBR
  • Galvanized steel part with lip in NBR. Self-centring.
  • Stainless steel part with lip VITON®
  • Stainless steel part with self-centring lip in VITON® og NBR.

For more information see our catalogue.