Flange gaskets

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Images of Flange gaskets

Flange gaskets are provided in a broad selection of elastomers and polymers of high quality. Configuration and gasket design is specified in accordance to production drawings or the application in question.

Selection of gaskets include:

Metal and semi-metal gaskets
  • Spiral wound
  • Serrated
  • Ring type joint (RTJ)
  • Flat or profiled metal rings
  • With metal reinforcement
Gaskets cutting
  • Graphite
  • Fiber (Including Aramide, Glass)
  • PTFE (Pure, Expanded and filled)
  • Elastomeric (Solid, closed cells, sponge)
Other Gaskets
  • Insulation sets for flanges
  • Manhole gaskets
  • Heat insulation (cloth, sheet, cord and tape)
  • Expanded PTFE band

For more information see our catalogue.