A/S Gunnar Haagensen – A reliable business partner

A reputation based on delivery on promises and decent business acumen, has been key for A/S Gunnar Haagensen since the foundation of the company in Latvia in 1921.

Already in the 1920’ties, Gunnar Haagensen had extensive business dealings from its location in Riga. With the establishment of A/S Gunnar Haagensen in Denmark in the forties, the framework for the current company was laid.

A/S Gunnar Haagensen


Thanks to a reliable sense of good business and stable development, the company has been able accommodate changing demands and are today a modern dynamic company with half a score of dedicated and competent employees.

The present domicile was inaugurated in 1985 and expanded in 1990 to the present 1200 square meters which house the direction, administration and stock.

A/S Gunnar Haagensen is specialised in seals and other technical articles and supply among others to the machine-, hydraulic- and processindustry. Thanks to the large current storage capacity, containing more than 22.000 part numbers, A/S Gunnar Haagensen as able to perform day-to-day delivery.

Our company is in close contact with the marked and configure our stock to accommodate changing demands.

Our core values remain the same as when Gunnar Haagensen set the company direction in the beginning of the nineteen-century: The customer is in focus and A/S Gunnar Haagnensen will do the outmost to deliver the right solution for the right time and price.


A/S Gunnar Haagensen provides solutions for several different industries. Our customers primarily deal within the following area of employment.


  • Maskinteknik
  • Hydraulik
  • Process
  • Metal
  • Semiconducter
  • Refinement
  • Offshore
  • Wind power
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Biotechnology
  • Foodstuff

We offer these industries solutions and focused guidance in regards to development related questions and enquires. In cooperation with your R&D-departments, our engineers will be able to provide the right solution for your application.


Sealing Technology and Flow Technology are the main two areas of expertise at A/S Gunnar Haagensen.

Sealing Technology

Our activities within Sealing Technology mainly relate to the following areas.


  • O-rings
  • Dynamics sealing solutions
  • PTFE sealing systems
  • Mechanical seals
  • Gaskets
  • Swivel joints
  • Rubber technology

Flow Technology

  • Sealing plugs for drilled holes
  • Industrial hoses and utilities

See our product section for further information or contact us by mail or phone to enquire upon how we can accommodate your need.