A selection of our Sealing solutions


Standard O-rings are kept in stock after the DIN 3771 and ISO 3601/1 norms. We offer O-rings in inches and well as metric measurements. Additionally several custom dimensions are also kept in stock.

Custom Kit set

Kit sets are delivered in sealed practical packaging that protect content against external effects such as ultraviolet radiation and ozone. Items outside A/S Gunnar Haagensen products portfolio can be included in all kits by agreement.

Milled partsr (PTFE, PEEK)

Dynamic and static sealing solutions are provided in PTFE for applications with high demands regarding chemical resistance and long service life. We offer standard as well as custom engineered solutions according to production drawings.

Koenig Expander

A/S Gunnar Haagensen has been representing Koenig Expander® plugs since 1973 and therefore have extensive know-how regarding the employment of professional sealing plugs. Koenig Expanders constitutes renowned solutions for swift and effective plugging of drilled holes.

Moulded parts

Custom moulded parts and profiles are provided in a broad selection of elastomers of high quality. Guidance regarding choice of material, tolerances and hardness (Shore A) are available via competent advisors from A/S Gunnar Haagensen.

Flange gaskets

Flange gaskets are provided in a broad selection of elastomers and polymers of high quality. Configuration and gasket design is specified in accordance to production drawings or the application in question.


A/S Gunnar Haagensen – A reliable business partner

A reputation based on delivery on promises and decent business acumen, has been key for A/S Gunnar Haagensen since the foundation of the company in Latvia in 1921.

Already in the 1920’ties, Gunnar Haagensen had extensive business dealings from its location in Riga. With the establishment of A/S Gunnar Haagensen in Denmark in the forties, the framework for the current company was laid.

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